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The films of Wes Anderson

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Kerry of Yours Truly

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"I tried to stay away…I fought…I prayed…I lied to myself…But in the end, I had to see you."

Greta Garbo & John Gilbert in Flesh and the Devil (Clarence Brown, 1926)

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Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex

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Bjoerling’s Larynx: World Famous Opera Houses by David Leventi

  • Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy
  • Teatro Municipale, Piacenza, Italy
  • La Scala, Milan, Italy
  • Bavarian State Opera, Munich, Germany

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Toms Birkavs | Ph: Alasdair McLellan

Arena Homme +, #24 FW 05.06

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On reading, André Kertész 

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